The Onedays

Raising Friday is the digital home of The Onedays, an unconventional family* living in West Texas.  Mrs. Monday and Señor Saturday are high school sweethearts from Dallas.  Their story is a long and winding one involving music, heartbreak, and a whole lot of road trips.  In their most recent chapter of life, the two childless thirtysomethings have adopted a 15-year-old boy named Friday from foster care.

*Don’t expect to see the word “family” on here much.  It’s a trauma trigger for some members of the household.

I (Mrs. Monday) hope you read the title of this post and either say “one-days” or “oh-nee-days.” My intention is to have a name that represents our group without giving exact names, and it happens to be a nod to the movie That Think You Do.  Throughout our relationship (the one between me and Señor Saturday which began seventeen years ago), the answer to many of our unknowns has been “one day.”  Will we ever get married? “One day.”  Will we have kids? “One day.”  When will we get our crap together? “One day.”  We’re still waiting on that one.

You may be a friend from long ago, a part of our current phase of life, or someone who stumbled upon our page thinking it was a Dragnet fan site.  In any case, you’re welcome here.  Let me introduce the cast of characters that you’ll come to know better as we post:

  • Mrs. Monday is a peculiar woman, raised as an only child with a chain-smoking grandmother as her primary companion.
  • Señor Saturday is a jovial man whose vacation state-of-mind and glorious beard balance out his wife’s serious nature.
  • Friday is an extraordinary teen with a dry sense of humor and a keen internal thermostat.
  • Any other character is likely one of their former boys from a rousing 25-month stint as live-in houseparents at a foster group home.

We hope for this place to be one of honesty, humility, and love that portrays our lives and experiences accurately for those interested in jumping into a similar lifestyle.  Specifically, we’ve got a lot to say about foster care, teenagers, adoption, and hamburgers.  If you’ve got any requests for stories, input, or rants, let us know in the comments.  I’m always up for getting on my soapbox about something or rambling until my fingers tire.


12 thoughts on “The Onedays

  1. This is AWESOME! !! I , too, am looking forward to read more of your everyday life. I also join others to say I don’t have my crap together. It’s only by the Grace of God that I am able to keep it together. I am praying for you and your family.


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