Raising Friday is the digital home of The Onedays, an unconventional family* living in West Texas.  Mrs. Monday and Señor Saturday are high school sweethearts from Dallas.  Their story is a long and winding one, involving music, heartbreak, and a whole lot of road trips.  In their most recent chapter of life, the two childless thirtysomethings have adopted a 15 year old boy named Friday from foster care.

Mrs. Monday is a peculiar woman, raised as an only child with a chain-smoking grandmother as her primary companion. She’s a high school teacher and has a little business on the side that funds all this exciting adoption stuff.  You can read more about it on the business page or check it out here.  Feel free to join her and make your own extra cash or try out the products to support their efforts and get a rockin’ bod in the process.

Señor Saturday is a jovial man whose vacation state-of-mind and glorious beard balance out his wife’s serious nature.  His music collection has completely fried two hard drives.  He graduated from college recently and is a big kid at heart.  He enjoys shopping at flea markets, reading the same books he enjoyed in middle school, and playing classic Nintendo.

Friday is an extraordinary teen with a dry sense of humor and a keen internal thermostat.  He spends his free time using power tools to re-imagine everyday objects.  Most recently, that involves making a welcome sign out of an old desk.  He is the champion of every logic game in the house.

Any other character is likely one of their former boys from a rousing 25-month stint as live-in houseparents at a foster group home.  In all, the Onedays cared for a total of 17 boys ages 8 to 16 during their time as houseparents.  But don’t let that scare you, they only had 8 boys at a time.

None of their stories, thoughts, or writings are intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, nor are they to be taken as authorities on anything other than their own personal experiences.  They’re just three folks living an interesting life and sharing it for your enjoyment.

*Don’t expect to see the word “family” on here much.  It’s a trauma trigger for some members of the household.


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